Soulful Brand Express Assess



Fill out my questionnaire so I can get all the details to prep and feel out the energy for your brand. After I receive your submission I will send a link to my calendar so we can schedule our zoom call!



The Soulful Brand Express Assess includes:

Soulful Connection Session: A 20-minute Zoom conversation to understand your business goals, aspirations, and brand essence. Lay the foundation for a unique and embodied brand.

Alignment of Light: Intuitive assessment of your brand identity, including symbols, colors, typography, and visual storytelling. Create harmony and resonance with your ideal clients.

Energetic Vibrations: Attuning to your brand’s messaging across platforms like your website and social media. Fine-tune your messaging for an authentic and captivating connection with your audience.

Sacred Soul Alignment: Gain clarity on your ideal clients’ needs and desires. Align your brand to create a harmonious connection that attracts soul-aligned clients.

Luminary Presence: Review of your website and social media expressions to reflect your brand’s essence. Receive guidance on improving your online presence for attracting soul-aligned clients.

Sacred Insights: Uncover transformative recommendations and actionable steps during our brand exploration. Comes with a guided video review of your brand’s visual aspects to improve and align for maximum impact.

*What you recieve: 20 minute zoom chat + guided video assessment of your overall brand